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How to Increase the Visibility and Impact of your Research in Bridges with Metadata

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posted on 16.02.2020, 22:09 authored by Monash University Research RepositoryMonash University Research Repository
Bridges metadata fields that must be completed before you are able to publish your record. These fields are Title, Authors, Categories, Keywords, and Description.

By taking a moment to ensure you are including useful and meaningful information aimed at a wide ranging audience, you significantly increase the chances of your research being discovered and used.

This document, developed by Monash University Library and based on Figshare's metadata guide, provides researchers with a few key tips for adding descriptive information (or 'metadata') to their Bridges items to ensure they are more discoverable and reusable.

[In early 2020, the repository was renamed from monash.figshare to Bridges. Version 1 of this record links to the previous monash.figshare guide.]