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Heritage & history: Writing, Arithmetic & Geometry

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posted on 2022-11-24, 04:19 authored by Dr Neil L. ThomasDr Neil L. Thomas

A common culture existed across Britain, Ireland  and western Europe six thousand years ago.

Writing came into being in Wales 4,270 BC, Irish symbols portrayed Sun and Moon calendars 3,500

BC. Arithmetic and geometry developed in Denmark 3,100 BC, Scandinavians navigated the oceans

using a sixty-four point compass. France’s Carnac stone rows exhibit Sun and Moon calendars counts, linear measures.  Brython’s [Wales] and Cornwall’s Bronze Age 2,000 BC inaugurated mining, widespread copper and

tin industries and commerce in Britain and across Europe. Five day weeks Sun and Moon calendars endured for four thousand years in the western Isles and Europe until the beginning of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. This book is about how they came to be and how it was done in prehistoric times.


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