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Heritage & history: Avebury created

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Situated a few miles north-west of Stonehenge, Avebury’s  three rings of massive stone columns were built about 2500 BC their numbers and grouping are seen to represent the Neolithic Avebury community’s desire for prosperty and good health, for law and order, for offenders to be tried by judge and jury. The entirety of the stones placements, design, replicate  the Vikings concept of the creation of mankind’s world.  A common culture existed across Britain, Ireland  and western Europe six thousand years ago. Writing came into being in Wales 4,270 BC, Irish symbols portrayed Sun and Moon calendars 3,500 BC. Arithmetic and geometry first developed in Denmark 3,100 BC, Scandinavians navigated the  oceans using a sixty-four point compass. The Bronze Age 2,000 BC inaugurated copper and tin mining, widespread industry existed in Britain and commerce occurred across Europe with the marketing of ten million bronze axes. Sun and Moon calendars having five day weeks endured for four thousand years in the western Isles and Europe until the beginning of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago.


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