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Heritage & History: Britain, Ireland & Europe

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posted on 2022-11-24, 04:19 authored by Dr Neil L. ThomasDr Neil L. Thomas

This book relates four decades work; the history of the sea-linked peoples in north-west Europe, the British Isles, Ireland, touching on Iceland, Greenland and Vinland settlement on the river St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, Canada. Heritage & History chronicles Morton 5800 BC, Rhondda Calendar 4270 BC, Tustrup and Stonehenge 3100-2500-1100 BC, Brython Measurement Values, Fibonacci series, Celtic Numbers, Cheddar Man, the Carnac stone lines. Sun and Moon calendars and a five day weeks from 4270 BC to 61 AD until the advent of the Roman Empire and Julius Caesars’ seven day week calendar are examined. Every chapter was composed on a stand-alone basis, each is inter-related to many others; some repetition is involved where illustrations are integral to the relevant text.


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