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Visualising Angkor 800 AD – 1400

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posted on 22.10.2015, 03:24 authored by Thomas ChandlerThomas Chandler, Martin Polkinghorne

The Visualising Angkor Project explores the 3D generation and animation of landscapes, people, soundscapes and architecture in a medieval century Cambodian metropolis. The resulting scenes draw upon a wide range of archaeological and historical data, from bas-reliefs to Chinese eye-witness accounts and extensive mapping undertaken by the Greater Angkor Project and the EFEO. In comparison to the familiar historical staples of Rome, Greece and Egypt, the virtual image of Angkor remains unexplored. The recent inclusion of Angkor as a subject of study in the Australian national High School history curriculum is timely, but it also presents some interesting challenges.

Collaborating Organisations: Monash University sensiLab/ University of Sydney Greater Angkor Project
Project Coordinators / Advisors: Tom Chandler (Monash University), Roland Fletcher, Martin Polkinghorne (University of Sydney)
Research Assistants: Brent McKee, Elliott Wilson, Mike Yeates, Chandara Ung



An impressionistic view over rice field with Angkor Wat in the distance (image)

Density of settlement around Angkor Wat (image)

​Elevated approach to Angkor Wat​ (video)

Aerial visualisation circling around a model of Angkor Wat (video)

Towns and villages of Greater Angkor (video)

Triple towers of a walled and moated village temple (image)

Animated scene centred on a village shrine at Angkor (video)

Elephant hauls a block of sandstone towards a sculpture workshop (image)

Visualisation of roads of Angkor Thom with utilitarian trees (video)

A visualisation transect running below the West Baray to Angkor Wat (video)

Extensive network of canals in Greater Angkor (video)

Unspecified scene possibly near the Royal Palace or Ta Prohm temple (video)

​Rice paddies of Angkor (image)​

Khmer military strength, weaponry and insignia (video)

Rice field and village life at Angkor (video)

Oxcarts making their way along a forest road (video)

Zhou Daguan recounts that he heard of two kinds of “savages” in Cambodia (video)