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Videos of Festival Krakatau, Bandar Lampung

posted on 2020-11-02, 22:21 authored by Margaret Kartomi and Karen Kartomi Thomas
Videos of Festival Krakatau, taken in Bandar Lampung by Karen Kartomi Thomas and Margaret Kartomi. Contents:

Kuripan group getting make-up on (filenames ending 001-005)
Tupping performers in costume (006)
Radin Intan II and other artists in 'fantasi' costumes (009-010);
Pak Wely, designer of costumes (011)
Waiting for Festival Krakatau to begin (012-013)
Pak Indra on guitar accompanying singer (014)
Keromong ensemble performing as crowd gathers (015);
Participants’ procession to performance square; tupping dancing; Pak Rico Ricardo, Governor of Lampung; elephants performing; (016)
Marching band (017-020);
Procession begins: performances—note: accompaniment includes female in muli costume playing drumkit (023,040,043)—by groups representing:
-Kota (the city of) Bandar Lampung [masked dancers striking bamboo tubes] (021)
-Metro regency [masked dancers with umbrellas, flags and capes], (022-024)
-Pesawaran regency [bridal party and dancers - dancers walking on talam (trays)], (026)
-Lampung Barat regency [dancers wearing cloth masks, sunglasses and holding miniature poles, led by Nyoman Mulyawan], (028-030,039)
-Lampung Utara regency [dancers with masks, fans and elaborate head pieces],
-Way Kanan regency [masked female dancers in orange skirts, masked male dancers in green skirts, ending with queen in white raised on platform] (031-032)
-Lampung Selatan regency [masked dancers bedecked in leaves] (033,038)
-Lampung Timor regency [dancers with wings and billowing skirts] (034)
-Tulang Bawang regency [masked men covered in brown leaves leading bridal couples with masks], footage of various regencies’ groups milling together (035-037)
-Tanggamus & Pesisir Barat [masked and unmasked dancers with unusual head gear] (041)
-Lampung Barat with females carrying decorated talam on their heads (042)
Pak Indra Kamaruddin guitar, muli on drum kit, with keromongan (043)
-Pesisir Barat (045-046)
Closing speeches (047)
Closing prayer (048)
Governor's speech (049)
Record set; 1800 masks will be worn (050)



Margaret Kartomi

Geographic location

Bandar Lampung

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Digital Video (MAMU ID: COM 666)