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Seudati demonstration of Dada Seribu (thousand breast [beats]) technique : AV Intro IV.5

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posted on 02.06.2017, 07:16 by Kartomi, Margaret J.
A/V Intro IV.5: Audiovisual Example 5 in Introduction to Part IV of book: Margaret Kartomi, ‘Musical Journeys in Sumatra’, Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2012. Seudati experts Syéh La Geunta (in white top) and Syéh Noerdin Daood give a short demonstration of the Acehnese body percussion (peh badan) technique called Dada Seribu, or thousand breast [beats], which occurs during performances of seudati. Seudati is the main Acehnese dance that is performed in standing (as opposed to sitting) position. The clip begins with a short episode of finger snapping followed by multiple breast (actually lower chest) beats all incorporating choreographed hand and feet movements. Recorded by permission of the Bupati of North Aceh, Bp Tarmizi Karim, and his appointed artist and 2003 festival organiser - Bp Rizal, on behalf of the troupes who performed in the Festival. Copyright 2003. Margaret J. Kartomi. Camera by Iwan Dzulvan Amir



Margaret J. Kartomi

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Indonesia – North Aceh – Lhokseumawe

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