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Performance and interview: Sanggar Lawe Lenggong in Wae Buka, Ruteng, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (Flores)

posted on 2020-10-08, 02:57 authored by Margaret Kartomi
Unpublished field recordings by Margaret Kartomi in Wae Buka, Ruteng, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (Flores). 2 cassette tapes.

Cassette 1 (C395):

Notes include hand-drawn illustrations of several instruments, including tambor (two-headed drum), mbetung, rattles, sunding tongkeng (endblown flute), sunding holé (sideblown flute), thin gongs in frame (see image).

Contents according to notes:

1. Tari Akovoja. Rice-planting dance (choreographed), dancers SMP [middle school] girls in pink baju [shirts] and songké skirt, wear[ing] nggorong (bells)
2. Main Cacih. Regu Cacik. Lagu Goul. Bells on ankle.
3. Girl sings Lir Ilir with gendang [drum], nggone & mbetung
4. Interview in home of leader Joseph Ngadot. Hermanus (singer & lead dancer in Main Cacih) sings a) Nggong Dende Rambung (name of place and person). Vaeta (undulates). Wife cries because husband died. b) Dende Wangka Danggang - listed but not recorded. c) Dende Kunti: song to play with baby, funny.

Performance recorded in Wae Buka, Ruteng. 3.6.94 3-6pm.

Cassette 2 (C396):

Side A:
4.6.94 Ruteng. Interview (cont'd) at Sanggar Lawe Lenggong.

Side B:
Short excerpts of another interview and performance.



Margaret Kartomi

Geographic location

Ruteng, Manggarai, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Collection date

3-4 June 1994

Ethno/lingual group


Collection type

Cassette (MAMU ID: C395 and C396)