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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:46 by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape PP9A 2-12-80 Genggong (start 0:00) 1. Ende-Ende Perkabang Rengisa 2. Ende-Ende Peronan Kalung 3. Ende-Ende Mencoling Medern 4. Ende-Ende Pemuromuro 5. Ende-Ende Perkutek Manuk Lembuh 6. Ende-Ende Lolo-Lolo Ate 7. Ende-Ende Lae Une Ende-Ende Perempuan (start ~12:30) 1. Menanahan Nahe Bapa Ek 2. Ende-Ende Mengurih-Mengurihkan Kempu 3. Ende-Ende Tangis Sijahe 4. Ende-Ende Lars Mendahe Simotuana 5. Ende-Ende Kata-Kata Tangis Sijahe 6. Kata-Kata Sidasa Berru 7. Ende-Ende Sukut-Sukutan Inangna Ek 8. Ende-Ende Mengurih-Mengurih Berru 9. Ende-Ende Mengurih-Mengurih Kempu Asni 10. Ende-Ende Kodeng 11. Ende-Ende Mengendik Dukak Ek 12. Ende-Ende Menenahmenahi Laus Ek 13. Ende-Ende Menenahmenahi Genggong is a type of Jew’s harp. Ende-Ende are sung by solo woman or group of women. Lots of conversation interspersed between Ende-Ende. For ease of navigation, time stamps are provided for the start of each instrument/instrumental group.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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