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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:41 by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape PP6A Aornakan, 16-10-80 Lobat (starts 0:00) 1. Ende-Ende Mertinogong 2. Pengurih-urihkan Kempuna 3. Ende-Ende Suberang Bernoh 4. Lobati Bale Cibon-Cibon 5. Ende-Ende Berru Manik Genderang (starts ~5:45) 1. Kata Sepitu 2. Tataken Raja 3. Kuku Endek-Endek 4. Kata Dolping 5. Gajah Menering Gajah Gerantung (starts ~15:30) 1. Bagus Sojong 2. Kuta Papan 3. Kuta Payang 4. Perkata Perik Lobat (starts ~21:30) 1. Tataken Kempuang 2. Tataken Beru 3. Tataken Serina 4. Tatak Mono Sukut Kucapi (starts ~26:45) 1. Penjaga-Penjaga Rumerah 2. Perkata Balkih 3. Perkata Rangisah 4. Tataken Kemang Sarune (starts ~31:30) 1. Tataken Puang Kalondang (starts ~32:40) 2. Tentoa Serser 3. Tataken Kernang 4. Ende-Ende Berru Seni 5. Kapur Sitiktik 6. Ende-Ende Anak Malumang A compilation of several short pieces for multiple instruments/instrumental setups. Lobat is a type of flute. Genderang is a group of percussion instruments (drums) that play energetic (interlocking?) rhythms. One of these pieces include Sarune (reed instrument/shawm). Gerantung is also a group of percussion instruments, however these are bells/gong-chimes. Kucapi is a plucked stringed instrument (zither). Sarune feature piece has some accompanying percussion (clappers). Kalondang is a group of percussion instruments (wooden/bamboo xylophones), which interlock with each other. A clapper accompanies these instruments. Timbre is much lighter/sweeter than the more heavy percussive instruments heard earlier. Some pieces have brief spoken introductions. For ease of navigation, time stamps are provided for the start of each instrument/instrumental group.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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