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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:37 authored by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape PP4B Aornakan: 4-11-80 Sordam (start 0:00) 1. Tangis Berru Molih 2. Kitana Wiskin 3. Ende-Ende: Bale Cibon-Cibon Kucapi (start 6:42) 1. Kodeng-Kodeng Pertaki Gaman 2. Lako Medern 3. Tataken Kemang 4. Empung Lismer 5. Tangis Menai A. Sinderung: 16-11-80 1. Ende-Ende Anak Berru Muro-Muro (start ~21:00) 2. Ende-Ende Meru Perik 3. Ende-Ende Simer Baju Anak Peranak Aornakan: 17-11-80 Kerongcong (start ~29:20) 1. Ia Maria Ia 2. Tading Ucankuk 3. Mulo Odai Tugu Ota 4. Sentoa Serger 5. Tungkuk Galu Sileoh 6. Kundul Merangan-Merangan Sordam is low-pitched, airy/breathy flute. Kucapi is plucked string instrument (zither). Ende-Ende are solo songs sung by male and female vocalists. Kerongcong Pak Pak consists of a flute, fiddle, some percussion (drum and clapper) and a ukulele-like instrument is audible in the background. Some pieces have brief spoken introductions. For ease of navigation, time stamps are provided for the start of each instrument.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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