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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:33 by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape PP2B Genderang & Gendang 7. Continuation of Tat. Sisangkar Peberrulikan Laus from PP2A Gendang 3-12-80 1. Kerna Nggo Mo Sidengkoh (starts ~1:50) 2. Simbisa Perjolo Enggo Kesai (starts ~5:30) 3. Gendang Merdalan (starts ~8:00) 4. Tatak Raja Terjangjang (starts ~10:25) 5. Tatak Sinendedahi 6. Tatak Sukut All above example played separately by Gendang & Gerantung. Music consists of predominantly percussion instruments (bells and gong-chimes). Clappers and drums play more of a background role. There are occasional vocal interjections. There are spoken introductions preceding most pieces. Segregation becomes unclear after track 4. Conversation can be heard more towards the end of the tape. There are also more drumming features towards the end.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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