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posted on 2021-11-18, 01:18 authored by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape PP1B Genderang: Salak, 16-11-80, Gereja HKBP & Kerongcong Pak Pak: 17-11-80 7. Ende-Ende Anak Peranaksim/Bago 8. Ende-Ende Permuro Bodat 9. Ende-Ende Anak Melurrang 10. Ende-Ende Tiris Lae Bangkuding 11. Ende-Ende Tang Tang Na Kita Berjuma 12. Ende-Ende Lolo-Lolo Ate 13. Ende-Ende Lua Luang Nisige 14. Ende-Ende Tungkuk Galu Sikah 15. Ende-Ende Merkade Ko Merhenden 16. Ende-Ende Keleliling Tanah Dairi 17. Ende-Ende Tang-Tang Na Kita Berjump 18. Ende-Ende Pos Ne Ukur Ni Lots of crossed out piece names on cassette notes. Music starts with percussion (gong-chimes, drums, etc.) with occasional vocal announcements in background. From ~11:30 a different type of music begins, including a flute and bowed stringed instrument accompanied by a drum and clappers (Kerongcong). ~20:00 Western diatonic (implied) harmonies are clearly perceivable. Also, a ukulele-like instrument can be heard from this point on. From ~33:30 a female voice joins in. From ~37:30, two (?) male voices sing a song with light accompaniment from clappers and a ukulele-like instrument. There are occasional breaks between segments of music. There are some spoken introductions. Segments are too unclear to definitively split up clips by discography on cassette cover.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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