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PIV data and surface view images from analogue experiments on the inheritance of penetrative basement anisotropies by extension-oblique faults

posted on 2021-02-15, 01:37 authored by Anindita SamsuAnindita Samsu, Alexander Cruden, Nicolas MolnarNicolas Molnar, Roberto WeinbergRoberto Weinberg
Supplementary material for the manuscript:

"Inheritance of penetrative basement anisotropies by extension-oblique faults: Insights from analogue experiments"

The file set includes the results of four analogue experiments on rifting at the Geodynamic Modelling Laboratory of the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University (Australia). The experiments tested the influence of the width and spacing of penetrative anisotropies in the model ductile lower crust (also referred to as “basement”) on fault development in the brittle upper crust (also referred to as “cover”) during a single phase of orthogonal extension. The experiments were monitored using stereoscopic particle imaging velocimetry (PIV).