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Music in Manggarai Barat (Flores)

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posted on 2020-11-02, 05:39 authored by Margaret Kartomi
Unpublished field recordings by Margaret Kartomi in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (Flores). 2 cassette tapes.

Contents according to notes:

Cassette 1 (C397):

1. Sanggar Sengku Lerong, 2 mins, Ruteng. 5 Jun 1994.
2. Songs sung by Pak Damasus Jerato. 6 Jun 1994.
3. Sanggar Nipu Ceki. led by Bonifasius Daud. In kampung Melo, desa Liang Ndara, kecamatan Mbeliling. 12.6.94. Contents according to notes:
a) Speech by village head
b) Tarian Caci
c) Korong (male) & Tetek Alu (female)
d) Sanda Gurung - circle dance
e) Liluk Kaba - shaman sings before a buffalo is slaughtered
f) Tari Elang
g) (i) Dialogue - history Rapahel Jamu sings solo with choral response (ii) Lontolong - caci song (iii) woman sings
Ends with a speech by host.

Cassette 2 (C398):

End of performance by Sanggar Nipu Ceki, kampung Melo (in mountains above Labuhan Bajo). Solo, choir, interview. 12 Jun 1994.

Bp Raphael Ramu sings to choral response:
1. Lontolong - hidup sedih [sad life]
2. Anak yang mati [A child has died]
3. Cinta yang tak berhasil [Unrequited love]
4. [Interview]
5. Women sing in circle led by male singer
6. [Interview]



Margaret Kartomi

Geographic location

Ruteng, Manggarai and Melo, Liang Ndara, Mbeliling, Manggarai Barat. Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Collection date

5-6 and 12 June 1994

Collection type

Cassette (MAMU ID: C397 and C398)