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posted on 18.11.2021, 02:21 authored by Traditional Musicians, Margaret Kartomi
MK 352A Ternate, Maluku Utara, 16/12/89 House of Bupati musicians from Kabupaten Tubo-Tubo (near airport) 1. Tari Soya-Soya (4 tifa, 1 cymbals, 1 gong, male dancers) – played twice 2. Ronggeng Tidé (4 tifa, 1 filoto, gong) – played twice 3. Tari Dana-Dana (Zamboh) (singer, gambus, rebana, tifa) – not live recorded 4. Tari Ronggeng Gola (filoto, gong, tifa) – gong on every 1st and 5th beat of 10-beat cycle



Margaret Kartomi

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14-31 December 1989

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Cassette Tape