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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:15 by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape M3A/B Tapanuli Selatan (Gendang, 2/2/81) 1. Practice piece only (starts 0:00) 2. Alap-alap Tondi (starts 2:45) 3. Gondang Katinbung (starts 4:35) 4. Gondang Ayuara Nanginjang (starts 7:20?) 5. Untitled (starts 14:55?) 6. Gondang Raja 7. Untitled 8. Untitled 9. Demonstration of drum patterns 10. Demonstration of drum patterns 11. Gondang Raja 12. Gondang Sampedang 13. Gondang Tua 14. Gondang Jolu-Jolu Turun (start 35:30?) 15. Gondang Katimbung (start 37:10) 16. Gondang Takur-Takur 17. Gondang Raja-Raja 18. Gondang Sembayita Anak Baru 19. Gondang Mandailing (start Side B) 20. Gondang Sorop-Sorop Ombun Baru Tuaek 21. Gondang Alap-Alap Tondi 22. Gondang Tua 23. Gondang Riang-Riang Bera Gembira (start 9:20) 24. Gondang Kutindi (start 11:30) 25. Tarian Pencak Panggoran (start 14:25) 26. Gondang Pangrato (start 16:30) 27. Gondang Dudu (start 19:25?) 28. Gondang Bombat (start 20:30) Only some of the tracks are identified in audio. Others are hard to distinguish. Music includes percussion (drums, clappers, cymbals, gongs, etc.), vocalisations and shawm. Speech/explanation in Bahasa Indonesia (?) between some pieces and comments in English by Lynette Moore. Some miscellaneous conversation. Short comment on Tarian Pencak Panggoran as being ‘rather vicious’. Short comment on Gondang Bombat being associated with death (‘meninggal dunia’).



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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