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Kesugihan, Lampung: Interview with Pangeran Marzuki and video of wedding procession

posted on 2020-11-02, 20:03 authored by Margaret Kartomi and Karen Kartomi Thomas
Field recordings in Kesugihan village, Lampung by Karen Kartomi Thomas and Margaret Kartomi.

Morning: interview with Pangeran Marzuki. Filenames ending 001-003.
Afternoon: procession with tupping, silat, music, bride & groom and guests; mask-making and tools required. Filenames ending 004-019. (Additional descriptions included in original filenames: 009 Pengantin with MJK in bridal party; 010: x14 tupping closeups; 011: silat; 015: musicians and instruments; 016: sister-in-law of Pangeran Marzuki; 018: Pak Adri Dharma, mask maker; 019: tools for mask making).



Margaret Kartomi

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Digital Video (MAMU ID: COM 662)