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posted on 18.11.2021, 01:00 by Traditional Musicians, Lynette Moore
Tape K3A/K3B Gendang – Lagu-Lagu Gembira, Classic + Modern 1. Lagu Ongar-Ongar (~0:00-6:00) 2. Lagu Perbunga Sauh (~6:00-11:45) 3. Lagu Murih Karaben (~11:45-18:20) 4. Lagu Jambur Terulang (18:20-25:20) 5. Lagu Ulah Salahi Silat Ersalah (cont. side A-B; 25:20-end of K3A then start of K3B-2:00) 6. Lagu I nja nge Aku Tahan (~2:00-end of K3B) All tracks contain percussion accompaniment (drums, sticks/clappers, gongs). In tracks 1-4, the shawm plays the melody, which is taken over by solo male voice midway through. In tracks 5-6, the shawm is taken over by a solo female voice, before being taken over by the male voice. Each piece is introduced by a female in English.



Lynette Moore

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North Sumatra

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