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Irish-Australian Accordion: Recording and interview with Bill Moran, 25 February 1983

posted on 06.10.2020, 05:50 by Graeme Smith
Unpublished field recording: Graeme Smith interviewing and recording Bill Moran. Australia, 25 February 1983. Two cassette tapes. Cassette CAS122 labelled 1/2; cassette CAS107 labelled 2/2.


'Born Galway, near Oughterade 1930. Played in family where he learnt, and with Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band in 1945-7. Emigrated to England c 1948, subsequently to Australia 1952. Worked in many heavy construction projects in Australia and New Zealand. Plays in a band including son Michael from 1984. Prominent accordion player in Melbourne. Active in Irish sessions, Irish and folk music festivals in 1990s onwards. Further interview available in Chris Sullivan collection, NLA.'

Notes sent to MAMU by Graeme Smith in July 2020.



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Cassette (MAMU ID: C107 and C122)