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Establishing group values and dynamics: Visual note taking

posted on 28.05.2020, 07:10 by Christine GrovéChristine Grové

A set of group values were created in the first workshop by youth participants. Group members were encouraged to think about what they believe is important when working in a group setting, and brainstormed their ideas together in small groups. Once each table decided on values that they believe working in a collaborative group should embody we shared as a larger group. Once everyone discussed the group values, a live visual note taker created an engaging moving and still image of the values as they were suggested by group members. In order to have every voice heard, the live note taker, who attended the workshop over video chat, was shared around the room to check in with each participant. Young people were encouraged to contribute - all responses and views were welcome.

Once the group members had contributed, our live note taker presented the finished visual of the group values, with larger words for those deemed most important by the group (see the figure for the final version). This visual was referred to throughout preceding workshops, to remind the group of the values they chose to be important for the success of the group.