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Demonstration ceremony, dance, and music in Bumitinggi, Lampung

posted on 2020-11-02, 22:21 authored by Margaret Kartomi and Karen Kartomi Thomas
Fieldwork videos by Karen Kartomi Thomas and Margaret Kartomi: Bumi Tinggi, East Lampung.

Filenames ending 001-005: Streets of Metro and other areas in Lampung.
Filenames ending 006: Interview with Wazir Masyhur (Suttan Duta Marga Nuban) and Tadjuddin Nur (Suttan Sang Bimojagat Rasobayo) in Bumi Tinggi.
Filenames ending 007-023: Demonstration ceremony in Bumi Tinggi, with dancing and gong-row ensemble. Interview with Ahmad Gempa.



Margaret Kartomi

Geographic location

Bumi Tinggi, East Lampung

Ethno/lingual group

Abung Nuban

Collection type

Digital Video (MAMU ID: COM 667)