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CRISP function to boost sperm energy usage and motility

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posted on 13.08.2020, 02:31 by Avinash GaikwadAvinash Gaikwad, Ashwin Nandagiri, David Potter, Reza NosratiReza Nosrati, Anne O'Connor, Sameer Jadhav, Julio SoriaJulio Soria, Prabhakar RanganathanPrabhakar Ranganathan, Moira O'BryanMoira O'Bryan
The file contains raw movies of head tethered sperm from CRISP1, CRISP2, CRISP4 and CRISP1/4 wild type and knock out mouse lines. Sperm images were recorded at 400 fps using an Olympus AX-70 upright microscope equipped with ORCA-Flash4.0 v2 sCMOS camera. N = 25-30 sperm/genotype.