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ACEL Online Conference 2021 - "Educators' collaborative use of research to improve practice"

posted on 28.10.2021, 00:39 by Jo GleesonJo Gleeson, Penny De Waele
Educators' collaborative use of research to improve practice

Presented by: Joanne Gleeson & Penny De Waele
Organisation: Monash University and Dalby State School, VIC

Educators' effective use of research to contribute to school performance excellence is gaining international attention. However, there remains little in-depth understanding, particularly in Australia, about the ways in which research use can be improved, and the role that collaboration can play in this process.

This presentation is in two parts. First, a model of collaborative research use is proposed based on the Monash Q Project's recent survey and interview findings from nearly 500 Australian educators about what it means to use research well. Second, a senior leader from a Q partner school presents her story of the importance of relationships and collaborations in engaging educators around a research-informed practice improvement initiative. The presentation is aimed to inform school leaders about the different ways in which collaboration can be facilitated to support improved research use within schools.