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“We Grew Here You Flew Here”: Claims to “Home” in the Cronulla Riots

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posted on 22.05.2017, 03:02 by Clemence Due, Damien W. Riggs
Fiona Allon writes that "...home, now more than ever, is seen as firmly connected to the world of politics and economics, as actively shaped and defined by the public sphere rather than existing simply as a refuge from it." From this perspective, claims to home as they are located in a relationship to claims of both national and local belonging are often a contested site within Australia, where notions of who is seen to be at home in Australia are constantly being challenged and reworked. Structured around the desire amongst white people to retain Australia as a "white nation," claims to home may be seen as operating in complex ways in regards to the rights that arise from the ongoing existence of Indigenous sovereignties, and the politics surrounding levels of immigration from groups of people perceived as belonging to minority racial groups.


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