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Women and Part-Time Employment: The Waverley Survey

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posted on 05.06.2017, 03:24 by Willis, Judith S.
This paper contributes data about women and part-time employment in Australia. "Part-time" is defined as one or more, but less than thirty-five hours per week. Findings from a survey conducted throughout the City of Waverley, Melbourne (1977) are given against a background of similar data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (1977-1996) and the Women and Employment Survey of Great Britain (1980). Aspects of part-time employment are reported for part-time working women and for women who had no paid work, but "would... like to work part-time now". These aspects include range of hours, pattern and number of hours by school level of youngest child, number of weekdays worked, trade union membership, casual work, travel time to work, work at home, employment benefits (including promotion) and work preferences.


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