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Two Homes

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posted on 2017-05-22, 05:34 authored by Kate Daw, Stewart Russell
While much of Daw and Russell‘s past work has been more research-based, engaging, say, with particular cultural narratives, or responding to a particular context, Two Homes grew out of their physical engagement with the extraordinary spatial arena of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the early days of their Fellowship at the MCG, Daw and Russell would spend many hours sitting in the empty arena, discussing project ideas, and they were struck by the peacefulness of the experience, the only sounds being birdsong and the toiling groundsmen, crafting the pitch with deliberation and care. In the empty arena the methodical and striking patterning of the lawn became obvious and of growing interest, as did the scale, monumentality and the almost spiritual peacefulness that would settle over the entire empty site. They had started to do some initial research into the significance of the site for aboriginal communities, and about the place it held now in the hearts and minds, not only of many Melbournians, but indeed, of many Australians.


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