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Translational research in the area of inequalities in health related to obesity in Australia

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posted on 05.06.2017, 05:58 by Hollingsworth, Bruce, Hauckm, Katharina
Health inequalities are a fundamental policy issue. However despite various policy initiatives in this area inequality persists, and in fact may be on the increase. Effective policy requires an understanding of the causes of inequalities. Health economics has developed tools and theories purported to be useful in measuring and identifying inequalities. We question current economic theories in the area of obesity, an important, if not the most important, public health concern of the future. We summarise economic work in this area, suggesting a different economic perspective to that of rational choice, and go on to present some preliminary results of quantitative analysis of Australian data to support our theories, before mapping out possible areas for future research. This paper asks more questions as it answers, aiming to set a framework for a dialogue which may ultimately help translate research findings into useable evidence for policy makers.


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Centre for Health Program Evaluation.

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