Translating a Translingual text: Primeros Dias Porteños by Anna Kazumi Stahl [Exegesis]

2017-05-23T13:00:41Z (GMT) by Alexander Jefremov
On 6 July 1988 I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first stop on a ten- week tour of the Americas, north and south. Invited to join a university friend at the start of what for him would be a six month world tour, it was my first overseas journey as an adult, one for which I was enthusiastic, but quite unprepared. I spoke no Spanish and knew almost nothing about South America. My only knowledge of Argentina had been gleaned a few years earlier waking up each morning over a period of several weeks and listening together with my mother to radio accounts of events overnight in the country’s short war with Britain. Born and raised in Australia, I was strongly influenced by my mother ́s British culture and, to a lesser extent, by a quite mixed set of eastern and northern European traditions from my father’s side of the family.