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Time series analysis of the skyline and employment changes in the CBD of Melbourne

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posted on 2016-10-14, 05:20 authored by Tsutsumi, Jun, OConnor, Kevin
This paper covers historical and micro level analyses of floor space and employment in the CBD of Melbourne during the last two decades. The time-series patterns and processes of high-rise building provision in the CBD are also focused on. The CBD has experienced very complicated changes over the last two decades. While particular types of urban functions, say finance and insurance offices and many retail activities, have been dispersed to the suburbs, newly emerged activities have replaced the old and traditional ones. Despite the growth of suburban cores (office and retail), the CBD of Melbourne has still kept its strong centrality through a role as the main location of office activity in particular. Historical and micro level viewpoints provide a new understanding of the metropolitan area. The key question must be Why is the role of the CBD of Melbourne still so strong, given substantial dispersal of population and economic activity to suburban locations?


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