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The public sector employment relationship and management morality: conceptualising a correlation utilising a multi-dimensional typology of public sector morality (PSM)

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posted on 2017-06-08, 06:21 authored by Haidar, Ali, Pullin, Len
The Public service of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in the recent years have undergone fundamental changes in many aspects of senior service employment relations. A debate has arisen on the potential impact of these changes on public service morality (see Halligan and O'Grady, 85; Doig, 95; Greenway, 95; Keating, 95; Parker, 89; Self, 95; Considine 88; Thompson, 91; and Pratchett and Wingfield, 96). This paper concentrates at the level of the public manager - minister/councillor interface and is concerned with developing a suitable analytical framework to examine whether or not there is a correlation between the public service employment relationship and public service morality (PSM). It introduces and develops the concept of a multi dimensional framework for analysing PSM. The framework consists of four dimensions of the dependent variable PSM - anonymity, partisanship, obedience, and means-end relationship and three heuristic ethical patterns - service, neutrality and technocratic. Two types of employment relationships are introduced as independent variables: Northcote-Trevelyan (NTER), and managerialist (MER). The paper generates several tentative hypotheses linking the nature of the employment relationship and the PSM dimensions. The conceptual scheme has the potential to be applied in countries which have followed or continue to follow the Westminster style of public service.


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