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The process of investing in advanced manufacturing technology: An Australasian focus

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posted on 02.11.2017, 05:46 by Maguire, William, Putterill, Martin, Sohal, Amrik S.
This focus of this paper is the development of a model of the advanced manufacturing technology investment process. AMTIP in a manufacturing firm context. A combination of the literature and field experience has been combined in a approach which captures the dynamic nature of the investment process. The field experience is based on recent AMT surveys conducted in Australia and New Zealand. The AMTIP model shows the complex set of internal processes which impact on firms making decisions, and the critical practices which help or hinder the achievement of successful outcomes. The paper directs management attention to the way in which organisational arrangements for strategic and continuous investment practices might be revised to enhance manufacturing competitiveness. The paper concludes with comments on implications for the use of AMTIP model to improve academic course and research design in the area of capital budgeting. William Maguire is Senior Lecturer and Martin Putterill is Associate Professor in the School of Commerce and Economics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Amrik Sohal is Professor and Associate Dean (Research Development) in the Syme Department of Management, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


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Monash University. Faculty of Business and Economics. Syme Department of Management.

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