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The future for quality managers

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posted on 2017-06-06, 02:50 authored by Waddell, Dianne, Mallen, David
A review on current quality management literature discloses a conglomeration of sentiments amongst quality managers with regards to the future of their quality profession. These sentiments can primarily be grouped into two major categories: 1) that quality managers will no longer play a role in functional management, as quality will become an integral part of the organisations; alternatively 2) they will play a significantly different role, leading to a specialised job design. Despite the fact that many voiced their concerns regarding the future of the quality profession, little formal research has been conducted to address this issue. Thus, the significance of undertaking this research aims to verify and substantiate their sentiments. Findings of the research may also contribute as a signal to quality managers with regards to their future roles and may inspire them to better prepare themselves to meet future quality related endeavours. It is important not to prophesise the precise future role of the quality managers, as no one outside the psychic industry will claim capable of it. Rather, the research endeavours to prognosticate the role of quality manager in the next decade by conducting interviews with various professionals in the quality related fields, testing the significance of research questions generated from these interviews through surveys and reviewing current employment advertisements. Thus synthesising the results from the above mentioned means to predict the role of quality managers in the years beyond 2000.


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