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The development of PICCO through action research

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posted on 2017-06-07, 03:50 authored by Stephens, J.R., Haslett, T.
This paper involves action learning as 'continuance of mindset'. It describes a four-year work in progress Action Research (AR) study exploring organizational viability. Involving two separate organizations and four cycles of AR, the study has seen the researcher and to some extent the organizations develop action-learning mindsets. The paper is an attempt to stand back from the case study and its associated learning from an organizational perspective - and to associate learning from the mindset of an action researcher. The paper contends that adopting the mindset of an action researcher contributes to the transfer of learning from one organization to the other. It advocates that action researchers do not resume their initial methodologies in a new setting and the latter organization acquires learning from the first interaction. It is concluded that an action learning mindset gains cumulative wisdom from both organizational and methodological perspectives.


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