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The changing socio-economic structure of Dallas, US: the new Light Rail Transit lines and related land use change

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posted on 2016-10-14, 05:13 authored by Ishikawa, Yuichi, Tsutsumi, Jun
This paper explores a new phase of urban development based on a case study of Dallas, Texas. The key feature of the North American metropolitan areas is the relatively weak CBD core. Many issues related to social problems, for example increasing number of immigrant shares or more non-English speaking people, often push the major urban functions out toward the suburbs and many high-density office complexes are found separate and far from the CBD as a result. In this paper, the authors examine the new efforts by city councils and other related organizations to reorganize suburbanized functions around a new public transportation system, the light rail transit (LRT). After the completion of the LRT in 1996, a new pattern of commuter flows and an increased urban development close to the newly opened stations occurred.