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The Next Generation of the Organizational Culture Profile

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posted on 06.06.2017, 01:08 authored by Sarros, James C., Gray, Judy, Densten, Iain L.
This paper examines the development of a new version of the Organizational Culture Profile (OCP) (O'Reilly, Chatman and Caldwell, 1991). The current study aimed to overcome the limitations associated with the Q-sort methodology used in earlier versions by developing a revised version based on a Likert scale and using a large, diverse, Australia-wide sample (N=1918). The statistical software package, AMOS (Arbuckle and Wothke, 1999) was used to undertake confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) which tested the theoretically derived, hypothetical structure of factors and substantiated the content validity. Composite factor reliability coefficients (Fleishman and Benson, 1987) and Cronbach's alpha coefficients indicated high internal consistency for each of the seven factors. The results should encourage researchers and practitioners to use the instrument for empirical and diagnostic purposes.


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