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The Implementation of TQM Practices and their Effect on Organisational Performance: A Literature Review

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posted on 2017-06-07, 01:31 authored by Anderson, Mary
Over the past decade, organisations are under increased pressure to compete effectively in global markets. As a result, the introduction of quality has become endemic with the worlwide introduction of quality driven processes in order to not only maintain a level of competitiveness but to survive in the longer term. A considerable amount of resources is being deployed to implement Total Quality Management and other improvement strategies. However, little is known about the impact these practices are having on organisational performance. This paper assesses the existing body of knowledge and identifies if the costs of introducing total quality programs is justified in terms of increasing performance. The review highlights the importance of providing accurate performance measurements and the inclusion of multiple industries in the research, along with measuring non-TQM firms with firms that have implemented TQM practices. One of the most important conclusions drawn from the studies is that TQM programs will have little-to-no effect unless senior management are fully supportive and that the organisational culture is responsive to TQM initiatives.


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