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The Gimmick of the fight against environmental degradation and the pollution of water bodies in Ghana

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posted on 2018-03-26, 04:22 authored by Samuel Awuah-Nyamekye
It is a truism that the very survival and sustainable development of any community is dependent on the availability of fresh water. Brauer (2002) captures this thus: 'The availability of freshwater is a key to sustainable development and an essential element in health, food production, and poverty reduction. Without an adequate supply of safe water, all other development efforts are doomed to fail' (Brauer 2002:15). One hopes Ghanaians are listening because if the current trend does not abate, where activities of illegal miners (popularly known in Gjana as galamsey) are causing so much destruction to rivers in the country, the country will have to be importing portable water for her people in the very near future.

PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature, No. 13, 2017: 111-113


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