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Sustainable land resource assessment in regional and urban systems

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posted on 14.10.2016, 05:12 by Hossain, Hemayet, Sposito, Victor, Evans, Carys
This paper reports on two models that have been developed using ArcView Model Builder to map suitability for agricultural and urban land uses. Both models use a GIS-based multiple criteria modelling approach combining empirical data with experts judgement.The Agricultural Suitability Model considers soil, landscape and climate criteria; whereas the Urban Buildability Model assesses biophysical, socio-economic and spatial phenomena to define locational suitability from a sustainable development perspective.These models have been used to help develop strategic development plans for several rural shires in Victoria, Australia. One of the major objectives of these Shire development strategies was to protect good agricultural land from urban development. There are more than 30 agricultural land suitability models that have been developed to address particular commodities of interest to these Shires. Shires where these models have been applied so far include South Gippsland.