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Subjectivity in education and health: Research notes on school learning area and physical education in mental health

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posted on 2016-10-26, 01:23 authored by Bezerra, Marilia, Costa, Jonatas Maia da
This paper presents the results of two studies researching the theory of subjectivity from a cultural- historical perspective. The studies are situated in the fields of education and health and are conducted using Qualitative Epistemology. The first study discusses the pathological movement problems of learning disabilities in Brazilian schools and how it has hindered examination of the subjective processes of students when they are experiencing a learning context. The second study deals with the work of physical education professional in mental health in the context of Brazilian public health. The importance of a work development on mental health integrating physical education with other professions present in mental health work is discussed. Finally, it defends the idea that Qualitative Epistemology offers an open knowledge production to interdisciplinarity, observed on education and health area, creating space for discussions on subjectivity.

International Research in Early Childhood Education, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 201-218