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Strategic Management of Supply Chain Approaches

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posted on 06.06.2017, 02:22 authored by Cashmore, Daniel, Freeman, Susan
The effective coordination and management of the supply chain requires collective know-how including the ability to synchronise processes. This conceptual paper seeks further understanding of the integrated, semi-integrated and independent strategic approaches within international supply chain management (SCM). Constructs of organisational structure, control, relationships and culture that have been developed in prior international marketing, customer relationship marketing and SCM literature will be extended. We identify limitations of existing strategic approaches and tensions that may affect the coordination of the supply chain. This is important as globalisation is driving advanced information technologies, lower trade barriers and economic rationalisation, which are changing business perceptions. We propose a conceptual model that encapsulates these constructs and dimension of the SCM process, which provides greater understanding of the links that make for a streamlined and efficient supply chain at a local level, which has major implications for management of global supply chains.


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