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Simulation-based Bayesian Estimation of Affine Term Structure Models

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posted on 2017-06-08, 05:54 authored by Sanford, Andrew D., Martin, Gael M.
This paper demonstrates the application of Bayesian simulation-based estimation to a class of interest rate models known as Affine Term Structure (ATS) models. The technique used is based on a Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm, with the discrete observations on yields augmented by additional higher frequency latent data. The introduction of augmented yield data reduces the bias associated with estimating a continuous time model using discretely observed data. The technique is demonstrated using a one-factor ATS model, with the latent factor process that underlies the yields sampled via a single-move algorithm. Numerical application of the method is demonstrated using both simulated and empirical data. Extension of the method to a three-factor ATS model is also discussed, as well as the application of a multi-move sampler based on a Kalman Filtering and Smoothing algorithm.


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