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Semiparametric estimation of the dependence parameter of the error terms in multivariate regression

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posted on 05.06.2017, 06:49 by Kim, Gunky, Silvapulle, Mervyn J., Silvapulle, Param
A semiparametric method is developed for estimating the dependence parameter and the joint distribution of the error term in the multivariate linear regression model. The nonpara- metric part of the method treats the marginal distributions of the error term as unknown, and estimates them by suitable empirical distribution functions. Then a pseudolikelihood is maximized to estimate the dependence parameter. It is shown that this estimator is as- ymptotically normal, and a consistent estimator of its large sample variance is given. A simulation study shows that the proposed semiparametric estimator is better than the para- metric methods available when the error distribution is unknown, which is almost always the case in practice. It turns out that there is no loss of asymptotic e±ciency due to the estimation of the regression parameters. An empirical example on portfolio management is used to illustrate the method. This is an extension of earlier work by Oakes (1994) and Genest et al. (1995) for the case when the observations are independent and identically distributed, and Oakes and Ritz (2000) for the multivariate regression model.


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Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics.

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