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Public relations orientation how public relations consultancies can "grow up"

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posted on 05.06.2017, 06:19 authored by Black, Leeora D., Hartel, Charmine E. J.
The concept of public relations orientation (PRO) is advanced as a way of conceptualising public relations practice and transforming consultant approaches to client problems. Public relations orientation is defined as the possible philosophical stances organisations adopt when relating with publics. Public relations orientation, therefore, embraces the range of public relations goals, behaviours and transactions pursued by organisations. The three aspects of PRO were elaborated through analysis of interviews conducted with managers of a range of large Australian companies. Sub-dimensions for each category were identified and linked to the literature. The article concludes by discussing how consultants can transform the clientconsultant transaction model from an adult-child ego state to an adult-adult ego state by using PRO to develop interventions with organisation-level outcomes, rather than the usual program-level outcomes.


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Working paper series (Monash University. Department of Management).

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