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Niall Lucy and Steve Mickler. The War on Democracy: Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press . Crawley, WA : University of Western Australia Press, 2006.[Book Review]

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posted on 2017-05-21, 05:56 authored by Carlo Salzani
No one dies in The War on Democracy, as the authors’ incipit reads. Like the “History Wars” (and unlike the War on Terror), the war on democracy is only a war of ideas. Lucy and Mickler analyse seven conservative commentators in the Australian media – Luke Slattery, Miranda Devine, Gerard Handerson, Janet Albrechtsen, Andrew Bolt, Michael Duffy and Christopher Pearson – to argue that, in their newspaper columns or public interventions, they “oppose the spread of democratic ideas” and thus “op-pose the very idea and ideal of democracy itself” (4).


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