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Misogyny And Masculinity: Toward A Typology Of Gendered Narratives Amongst The Far-Right

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posted on 2023-06-04, 23:31 authored by Alexandra PhelanAlexandra Phelan, Jessica White, Claudia Wallner, James Paterson

The gendered narratives of the far-right can be directed towards all individuals, both within the movement and society at large. These narratives position individuals within a gender order, thus establishing gender power relations. They can be used to recruit, radicalise and sustain the participation of recruits, while also clearly delineating target outgroups. Expectations of masculinity are used to define the role of the ideal male, while misogyny and hostile beliefs towards women and LGBTQ+ are often justified and legitimised as part of these groups’ overall ideological frameworks. Consequently, understanding the gendered norms and ideology that underpin far-right narratives across online and offline spaces can be important for understanding some drivers of radicalisation and modes of participation.


CREST: Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats

Economic and Social Research Council

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