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Management by Public-Private Partnerships: the Australian Experience

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posted on 08.06.2017, 02:52 by Teicher, Julian, Alam, Quamrul
Governments in Australia are increasingly relying on private sector service providers to increase efficiency in public services delivery and entering into various business partnerships with those providers. This paper examines the effectiveness of public-private partnership models used in delivering public services and suggests that partnership initiatives have increased efficiency at the micro management level but have not been able to establish trust among the partners as public servants determine the performance criteria and the means of control and accountability. Community participation in policy formulation and in building trust among the clients and the providers has not been given due emphasis as an important factor for developing a sustainable partnership model. The concept of public value has not been used as a useful way of setting out public service goals. This tentative conclusion rests on an examination of two cases where partnerships have affected operating and management practices.


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