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Male caregiving of a spouse with Alzheimer’s Disease: a narrative of care

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posted on 02.06.2017, 01:13 by Wondrock, Wendy, Taylor, Sandra
The objectives of this paper are to document the case study of a male caregiver’s experiences while caring for his female spouse with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and to examine this narrative against key themes within contemporary Australian literature. It employs a qualitative single case study approach, with one male caregiver providing two in-depth interviews regarding his experiences. Key themes are identified and compared with current literature. The themes within the narrative related to: early signs and diagnosis of AD; carer and spouse relationship; becoming a carer; engaging with health care professionals; seeking and receiving support; caregiver health; financial considerations; social attitudes towards AD and perceptions about the future. The paper concludes that documenting the unique and contextualized narrative of male caregivers regarding spouses affected by AD gives voice to their experiences. Such narratives can affirm other caregivers and also raise awareness of practitioners, service providers and the general community about the experiences of care giving.


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