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Making public transport work in Melbourne

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posted on 05.05.2017, 04:14 by McCloskey, David, Birrell, Bob, Yip, Rose
Public transport advocates argue that if higher density housing were promoted around transport hubs or along transport corridors, particularly those with tramlines, that this would achieve a significant increase in public transport use. This advocacy is mistaken in the case of Melbourne because only a small proportion of jobs is located close to fixed rail or tram routes. This helps explain the key empirical finding of this paper: only a tiny minority of employed persons who live within walking distance of a train station or a tram stop in Melbourne actually use the train or tram for journeys to work. Copyright. Monash University and the author/s


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People and place, vol. 17, no. 3 (2009), p. 49-59. ISSN 1039-4788