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Introduction: B for Bad Cinema

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posted on 22.05.2017, 04:31 by Julia Vassilieva, Claire Perkins
André Bazin, one of the major film theorists of the twentieth century, famously entitled his opus magnum What is Cinema? Picking up where Bazin left off, Adrian Martin recently re-inscribed the question within the context of contemporary cinema in his monograph What is Modern Cinema? The appropriate question for us to ask here would be "What is BAD Cinema?" However, by raising this question I seek not so much to introduce the BAD cinema discourse, but to interrogate it within the broader interdisciplinary framework that Colloquy has consistently advocated.

The organisers of the conference "B for BAD Cinema: aesthetics, politics and cultural value", which took place at Monash in April 2009 and from which the contributions to the current issue have been drawn, traced BAD cinema's pedigree to cult film, paracinema and its early predecessors in the form of B-movies of studio era.


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